8 Reasons why you should use a Recruitment Agency

November 27, 2013
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Employment Agencies and Recruitment Specialists can play a vital part in helping you secure employment. You may be looking for your dream role or you could just be  looking to fill a temporary gap.

Whatever your work desires, recruitment agencies can assist you in finding what it is you are looking for.Here are 10 reasons why you should use a a Recruitment Agency.


  • 1. Employment Agencies have access to a wide range of job positions and have numerous contacts with employers and organisations. They deal with these organisations everyday and in many cases, they will only use a recruitment agency to help fill their staff vacancies. In many instances, you may only find certain roles by going through a recruitment agency.
  • 2. One factor when registering with a recruitment agency is time. By being on the books of a professional recruitment team you are placing the often laborious task of seeking employment into their experienced hands. This  can ultimately save you a great deal of time in the long run, perfect for those with full-time commitments such as parents or people with existing full-time jobs.
  1. 3.Recruitment Agents are experts in their field and can offer what can be vital information and resources to you when dealing with potential employers. One common example is salary expectations. Many people are unsure what to submit to employers during the interview stage and often under sell themselves. A Recruitment Agency can help you get what you are truly worth.
  1. 4.If you are looking for immediate work, a Recruitment Agent can place you in a role very quickly should you fit the given criteria. Temporary recruitment may be the perfect option for those needing money on a short term basis and also for those who do not know what kind of job they would like at that time in their lives. Temporary positions can often lead to a more permanent role, giving you the chance to initially ‘test the water’ so to speak.
  1. 5.References are almost always paramount in practically every industry, from finance to retail, employers need to know about your past. By using a Recruitment Agency you are limiting the amount of times your listed referees are contacted. They can also offer advice to you about what may seem like any negative press against you from previous employment. Recruitment agents often have great people skills and are able to mediate between you and potential employers to show the bigger picture.
  1. 6.Employment Agencies have a wealth of knowledge on many companies and organisations and are able to give what may be vital information before to you speak with those employers. A recruitment specialist can help you decide whether a place or position is right for you, whether you are a good fit for a certain environment and what the culture of a workplace is like.
  1. 7. Above all else, professional recruitment agencies adhere to strict confidentiality rules and proceedings and will never contact a a potential employer without your authorisation. This gives you the peace of mind that nobody will know whether you are actively seeking employment. This is crucial for those already in a full-time job who do not want their existing employer to be aware that they are  looking for something else.
  1. 8. Finally…a recruitment Agent provides their services to you for free. They take away the hassle of contacting numerous people and filling numerous forms for what may eventually lead to nothing, enabling you to concentrate on other factors in your life -minus any extra stress.


If you are thinking about looking for a new job we would be happy to assist you no matter what your situation may be. At Connect2Recruitment we have numerous years of experience in the employment Industry and are specialists at placing employees in the places that are best suited for them. Give Bernie a call today on 678900 or email bernie@connect2recruit.im and see how Connect2Recruitment can help you get the job you are looking for.

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