Code of Conduct

Connect2recruitment – Code of Conduct

We will:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation, statutory and non-statutory requirements and official guidance and any future amendments to such requirements during the course of providing their services to others.
  • Will act honestly in all dealings with work seekers, clients, members, non-members and others.
  • Present a realistic picture of candidates to our clients so that strengths are balanced with weaknesses.
  • Adhere to principles of truth in advertising and will only advertise positions, through any medium, for which they have documented permission to recruit.
  • Ensure that all fees, charges and services provided are explicitly and fully disclosed to clients prior to the acceptance of an assignment, or prior to any work being undertaken for a client.
  • Adhere to the spirit of all applicable human rights, employment laws and regulations and will treat work seekers, clients and others without prejudice or unjustified discrimination.
  • Act diligently in assessing risks to work seekers and clients and will not knowingly put at risk candidates, clients or others.
  • Work diligently to develop and maintain a satisfactory level of relevant and current professional knowledge.
  • Ensure that our staff is adequately trained and skilled to undertake their responsibilities in recruitment practice.
  • Ensure that in relation to off Island recruitment we will abide by all relevant legislation, UK Home Office and IOM Home Affairs guidelines and provide all relevant and applicable information to work seekers, clients and others.
  • Observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism, equity and fair practice to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of candidate and client information and will respect the confidentiality of records in accordance with the law and good business practice.
  • Supply temporary workers with full details of the work, conditions of employment, nature of the work to be undertaken, rates of pay, method and frequency of payment, and pay arrangements in accordance with requirements of current legislation.
  • Ensure that any variation to the engagement can only occur with prior notification and agreement of the worker.
  • Pay promptly and accurately any wages and benefits due in accordance with any agreed terms and legal requirements.
  • Provide a confidential counselling and career guidance service to candidates.
  • Spend time interviewing each candidate to assess their motives for seeking alternative employment before initiating any enquiries to prospective employers.
  • Confirm that candidates have given their present employers an opportunity to rectify any problems that may exist.
  • Obtain a written declaration from candidates stating that salary details are correct.
  • Obtain a written declaration from candidates confirming that they have no current criminal convictions, have not faced disciplinary procedures or had employment terminated by a current or previous employer.
  • Obtain a written declaration from candidates about any County Court Judgements, bankruptcy or arrears payments in respect of loans/mortgages.
  • Obtain copies of candidate’s qualification certificates or state if these have not been received.

We will not:

  • Will not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully jeopardise a work seeker’s employment.
  • Connect2recruitment will not attempt unfairly or unlawfully to prevent a work seeker from seeking work from other sources.
  • Will not act on an instruction from a client that is discriminatory and should, wherever possible, provide guidance to clients in respect of good diversity practice.
  • Will not penalise temporary/contract workers, for example for having been late or failed to attend part or all of an assignment or for poor performance, by making deductions from pay due for time that they have actually worked.
  • Approach employees who are not registered with Connect2recruitment.
  • Inflate salary details to present an incorrect picture to clients or knowingly make a false or inaccurate statement, fail to disclose a material fact, or make a representation as to future matters without having reasonable grounds for making it.
  • Alter details within a curriculum vitae to deliberately mislead.
  • Encourage a candidate to consider further opportunities once they have been satisfactorily placed
  • Advertise job specifications with specific salary details