You will be given a sample timesheet – please look at it carefully. You will also find a blank timesheet which will be used for your first assignment. You will need to complete a timesheet for each week you work through Connect2Recruitment.

If you work on more than one assignment in any one week, you will need to get a spare timesheet. These can be obtained by calling 678900 or by downloading from this site.

When does my timesheet have to be in?

Please make sure that we receive your timesheet no later than 5.00pm on Friday following the week that you have just worked. In the event the timesheet is not received your pay will be carried over to the following week. Please date your time sheet as of the MONDAY of the week you worked, even if you started on another day.

How do I get replacement timesheets?

Each week your payslip will be sent to your home address or via your email address and a replacement timesheet should be included. If for any reason you do not receive a replacement, please call Connect2recruitment on 678900 or download from this site.

Can I fax my timesheet?

Yes we will accept faxed timesheets, please fax the timesheet to 618717.


If you work overtime this must be recorded on your timesheet. It must detail the hours worked and the rate at which the overtime is to be paid i.e. time and a half or double time. This must then be signed by your Line Manager for the week in question.

Receiving payment

Your salary will be paid into your bank account on the Friday following the week you have just worked and your payslip will be emailed or posted to your home address.

Please ensure that you have completed a bank details form and submitted it before you start work.

If your money is not in your bank account by 12 midnight on Friday; please call Connect2Recruitment on 678900.