Employers – Why use Temp Staff?


The biggest compliment we receive is that ‘you’re one of us’.

We don’t just want to know about the role you’ve asked us to fill; we want to understand your business culture and thinking. Our position as an independant agency allows us not only to do that but to be flexible enough to mould our processes to fit your needs.

Continuity is vital for that and the team which takes the initial brief from you will be the one that fulfils it.

Our commitment to you is on-going. After filling a role, we remain in regular contact with you to monitor and analyse performance.

The pride we take in our work comes from achieving a successful match, something we constantly strive for through our efficient, professional and honest service.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations at all times.

Why use temporary staff?

We would suggest it’s more a case of why not use temporary staff? As a recruitment agency with a large pool of candidates we’re always going to shout about the advantages of using temporary workers.

But the benefits genuinely are extensive.

The key one is flexibility. Temps can be utilised to cover a wide range of roles for anything from a few hours to several months.

It may be a receptionist is needed to man the front desk because the permanent staff member is sick. An accounts clerk might be required to lend an extra pair of hands in the run up to the end of year. An IT expert who is taking a family holiday may need someone to step into their shoes.

A business may be looking to extend their offering but be unsure about whether to make the commitment of employing a permanent member of staff.  Drafting in temporary support gives them the opportunity to try out their idea with little risk.

As well as covering a specific role, temps can also add value. Businesses may feel they need a short term injection of expertise in a specific area - a temp can offer that.

Many temps see their role as a career option which offers them flexibility and variety and gives the companies they work for the benefit of lots of experience across a wide range of businesses. They will be well placed to slot into new environments and adapt to different challenges.

All our temps undergo rigorous interviews and testing to ensure they can deliver the correct skill set and to enable us to carefully match individual skills with requirements. This means businesses are always getting exactly what they need to fulfil a certain role.

Temps are generally charged at an hourly or daily rate which will vary depending upon experience and the nature of the client’s needs. This can help when managing a tight payroll budget.

The transient nature of temporary workers leaves them free from the distraction of ‘office politics’, allowing them to remain task focused.

From a strategic perspective, taking on temps can be a convenient way to vet potential future staff. What better way to find out if someone fits into your culture and shares your ethos than by throwing them into the mix on a temporary basis and seeing how they fare? Trying out skilled candidates in this way minimises the risk - there’s no commitment on either side until you”ve both ‘tried and tested’.

Finally, using a temp isn’t about ‘making do’ or finding a ‘cheap option’. Temps provide all the skills, abilities and focus you’d expect from permanent staff but with added flexibility.

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